The MONDIALAB Datalab is the Command & Control center enabling global real-time screening and monitoring of an infinitely scalable and customizable network of different MONDIALAB users. For optimal disease and outbreak surveillance.

Encrypted servers can be implemented locally or remotely depending on customer needs and specifications. Test data is received, displayed and evaluated instantly, enabling healthcare managers to make data-driven decisions about emergency measurements in the case of epidemics, prophylactic programs, etc. – all resulting in a superior allocation of budgets and resources.

Comparing different time periods, exploring maps, displaying real-time results, evaluating health data in various graphs and tracking Readers are just a few of the features offered by the MONDIALAB PRO Datalab. Healthcare managers can also view test data from different users and survey their performance, as well as view and manage kPlex supply.

The Datalab is fully customizable to clients’ needs and can be integrated within any existing infrastructure.

By implementing an Information Security Management System and working within the ISO 27001 standard, MONDIALAB fulfills the highest current standards regarding data protection and data management. The MONDIALAB PRO Datalab in combination with the MONDIALAB PRO kPlex, Reader and App, enables access to unlimited data and provides end-users with a complete 360° solution.