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MONDIALAB’s UAE-based developers claim product will hand back control of viral outbreaks to health authorities

A simple blood test taken on arrival in the UAE could help prevent the spread of deadly viruses such as Covid-19. AES Venture, in Masdar City, has developed a new product – similar to a pregnancy or diabetes blood test – to spot a variety of killer viruses in minutes. The device, named The Reader, extracts blood samples and its findings are shared with health authorities in real time through the company’s online platform, MONDIALAB PRO.

“The sampling part can be done by any officer or member of staff as it is very simple,” said Allan Gaertke, MONDIALAB’s chief executive and founder. This enables public health authorities users to implement quarantine protocols faster than before.

“It could be done at the exit of an aircraft on arrival to test passengers who may be symptomatic.”

Nasal swabs used to detect coronavirus can take 24 hours to process. But the MONDIALAB test unit can return a positive or negative result within 10 minutes, its developers said. “This test has the same accuracy as a pregnancy test, and is similar to tests being done billions of times a day around the world,” Mr Gaertke said.

“We have made a better digital platform that can test for multiple viruses at a time and share the results in real time.”

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The National UAE, March 2020