In a globalized world, healthcare infrastructure needs to be more agile than the disease itself.

MONDIALAB PRO provides the end-to-end solution to this challenge as an innovative 360° Point-of-Care (POC) testing platform which enables one to receive, store and evaluate vast amounts of health data, generated by powerful, accurate and automated diagnostic tools.

A groundbreaking technological achievement with its patent filed and IPs in the POC (Point-of-Care) technologies and diagnostic tools (software, hardware and firmware). Additionally, MONDIALAB PRO has been field-tested, certified and approved by several government bodies.

With extensive experience in the field of immunoassays, Lab-on-a-Chip technologies and innovative product design, we are unceasingly developing progressive healthcare solutions. MONDIALAB PRO is a 360° solution to assist in managing and controlling healthcare strategies, thus enabling users to react quicker, smarter and helping to significantly reduce healthcare costs.

At MONDIALAB, we aim to make simple and cost-efficient solutions available to markets across the globe to help save lives. We and our associates are committed to shaping the future of healthcare together.


…[T]o assess their use of digital technologies for health, including in health information systems at the national and subnational levels, in order to identify areas of improvement, and to prioritize, as appropriate, the development, evaluation, implementation, scale-up and greater utilization of digital technologies, as a means of promoting equitable, affordable and universal access to health for all, including the special needs of groups that are vulnerable in the context of digital health.

World Health Organization, Global Strategy on Digital Health (2020-2024)