In a globalized world, Point-of-Care-Testing (POCT) needs to be more agile than the disease itself.


MONDIALAB PRO provides the end-to-end solution to this challenge as an innovative 360° Point-of-Care (POC) platform which enables one to receive, store and evaluate vast amounts of health data, generated by powerful, accurate and automated diagnostic tools.


With extensive experience in the field of immunoassays, Lab-on-a-Chip technologies and innovative product design, we are unceasingly developing progressive healthcare solutions. MONDIALAB PRO is a 360°solution to assist in managing and controlling healthcare strategies, thus enabling users to react quicker, smarter and helping to significantly reduce healthcare costs.


The MONDIALAB PRO platform is the answer to the biggest health challenges facing human society today. We pride ourselves in collaboration with such leading instituations as the Faculty of Medicine, Aix-Marseille University, one the world’s leading institutes for research in the area of infectious and tropical diseases, CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), Institut Gustave Roussy, among others.


At MONDIALAB, we aim to make simple and cost-efficient solutions available to markets across the globe to help save lives. We and our associates are committed to shaping the future of healthcare together.